The Golden Seat is an inspirational art piece that visually pleases and is a constant reminder of values such as devotion, truth and hope to inspire and motivate you.  To bring joy, enlightenment and understanding.  To guide and support you in day-by-day challenges and defend you in hard times of trial and travail.

At the heart of the Golden Seat is Love (an ancient force) – a never ending story of an open book of experiences.  ‘Love, Light & Life’ is the ‘SEAT’ (divine knowledge) that rests on three 'LEGS' (secular knowledge) which are represented by three timeless themes:  BEAUTY, TRUTH & GOODNESS.

The three legs of the Golden Seat have ancient origin in Plato’s Natural Theology (an original ‘integral’ philosophy): Beauty, Truth & Goodness – where individual purpose is realized:  “A compass heading to improve the human condition” .

BEAUTY – ART, MUSIC. Beauty represents the Self and Art (Self & Self-Expression).
 Angelic Daughters of Art: Form, Color, Imagination
 Angelic Daughters of Music: Rhythm, Melody & Harmony, Verse & Voice

TRUTH – SCIENCE (Natural, Social, Formal), Objectivity & Nature.
 Patrons of Science: Research, Intuition 
 Angelic Daughters of Science: Devotion, Labor, Truth

GOODNESS – RELIGION. Goodness represents Culture, Morals-Ethics.
 Patrons of Religion: Inspiration, Reverence 
 Angelic Daughters of Religion: Hope, Faith, Purity

The angel that ties it all, that brings it all together, is called Harmony. Harmony is the key theme, the key ‘take home’ message of this inspiriting art piece. Harmony represents Light, Love, Life. At the very top and in the center of Harmony’s halo is LOVE.

Click on the highlight themes and values to further explore the concepts behind them and how they can be a positive force in your life. Let your ‘Heart, Soul & Mind’ rest on the seat of ‘Light, Love & Life’ all supported by ‘Beauty, Truth & Goodness’ – your personal Golden Seat of knowledge.