The patron ‘Research’ is the masculine side of Science - prominently displayed as the 'Elderly Man' in ‘SCIENCE’. 

Research advances human knowledge. It is the ‘engine’ of science – Research establishes novel facts, solves new or existing problems, proves new ideas, develops new theories and concepts.  Cognitive science is the study of mental acquisition, retention, and utilization of knowledge – ‘actionable information’.

The word ‘research’ comes from French, recerchier, to search.  There are three area of research:

 1) Scientific Research – uses the scientific method.

2 ) Artistic Research – a ‘practice-based research’ where the objects of research are creative works of beauty.

 3) Historical Research – uses the historical method by which historians use primary sources and other evidence of research.  The current trend in historiography has been a shift away from traditional diplomatic, economic and political history toward social and cultural studies.