The third angel of the ‘Daughters of Religion’ is ‘Purity’.  The dictionary defines purity as a "quality or condition of being pure:  the state of being unmixed... freedom from manner that contaminates, defiles, corrupts, or debases; physical cleanliness."  Historically, in a religious context, purity has occupied a sanctified position, where questions of purity are linked with sexuality or moral behavior.

Symbol of Purity

A beautiful symbol of purity is the dove - Holy Spirit, freedom, taking flight.  The color of White brings purity.  The color that makes you feel better.  God’s white light - let it rotate and stay and shine in your entire body. 

The Golden Seat takes an enlighten approach in understanding purity.  To paraphrase Proverbs 24:16, “Even the best men fall seven times a day”.  ‘Fall’ refers to Man’s estimation of himself.  Don’t ever think God will be mad at you because you had an ‘impure’ thought.  All God is unconditional love.  If God is mean, nasty, hateful and vengeful, he is a false god. 

It all comes down to motive.  If you think you have hurt someone, done something bad, track back and ask yourself what was your motive.  Was it righteous?  A mother whose child has been hurt is going to come out like a lion.  Is that a bad thing?  Absolutely not.  Her motive was pure. 

Now, it is important not to confuse actual motive with the fantasy of the mind.  For example, you’ve been married with someone for many years and they decide to run off with a 20-year old.  You want to run over both of them with a diesel.  We don’t act on it, but that’s the way our mind resolves the issue.  When we’ve been hurt, who doesn’t think a bad thought?  We cannot constantly audit our minds, simply because of the sheer volume of ‘garbage’ that infiltrates it.  In a marvelous way, it’s sort of therapeutic to play out a revenge script, the key point is that we just don’t act on it.  Wouldn’t life be boring otherwise? We are all unique personalities, but in the understanding that life is a schoolhouse, then our thoughts are pure.  To suggest that having a bad thought is a ‘sin’, gets us back to the mythical, vindictive, ‘Old Testament’ god.   The Golden Seat takes an enlighten view of the divine – that God is infinite love and infinite intelligence; that true human self-hood is divine. 

Soul Purity
There are
 three parts to the soul: “Upper Mind”, “Middle Mind” and “Lower Mind”.  ‘Soul Purity’ refers to consciously knowing that the 'Soul-Mind' resides above the body, not in the body.  To reside in the Upper and Middle Minds. Despair, negativity, fear pulls us into the Lower Mind.  Within despair is futility and in futility we become earthbound.  Becoming earthbound we get into a “poor me” mentality.  ‘Soul Purity’ is capping off the lower mind by saying “I want my lower, base self, my instinctual, animal side of myself, my survival side of myself, to stay in its rightful place”.  Now of course we are human and we all are prone to be bugged by aggressive and selfish impulses, but that doesn’t mean one cannot also be generous and altruistic. 

The goal of ‘soul purity’ is transcendence from unhealthy, destructive behavior:  Addictions (drugs/alcohol: “I’m going to show you that I can have a good time”; money, sex, power, etc); Obsessions (eg, the success of your children); Excessiveness; Worldly Possessions; Desires; Greed (the root of evil is not gold; it’s the love of gold that makes it evil); Stupidity; Ignorance (the good fight); Judgment; Prejudice; Bigotry; Irrationality; Fanaticism; Vanity; Negativity (easier to be negative than positive on Earth);  Guilt (avoid the stubbornness of guilt); False Gods (the god within you responds to your believe in a vengeful, mean god); Suffering; Fear; Death (misconception of annihilation); Specialness of Self (overcome the idea that the world “owes” you).

The Pleasure Principle
They say there's a heaven for those who will wait
Some say it's better but I say it ain't
I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints
the sinners are much more fun...”
     ‘Only the Good Die Young’,  Billy Joel

“Pleasure comes from the outside, happiness from the inside”   Remez Sasson

One of the spiritual principles of The Golden Seat  is that true human self-hood is divine.  And that its goal is to harmonize the two great movements in the Religious/Philosophical realm:

Ascend:  Matter to Spirit.  The Many to One.   Transcendent.  The path of wisdom.
Descend:  Spirit to Matter.  The One to Many.  Immanence.  The path of compassion.

To embrace both the Masculine and Feminine nature of the divine (Father-Mother God).  To seek greater wholeness and wider unions, to rise to higher revelation of greater good and glory, or to, in the words of Stevie Wonder, “…reach the higher ground.”  At the same time to embrace the descending spirit (feminine voice) in relationships:  relating to others with perfect and equal grace; in bodily incarnation:  celebrating the senses, the body, sexuality and earth.  To take pleasure in a creation-centered spirituality that see ‘each sunrise, each moonrise and the visible blessing of the Divine’.

The ‘Addiction’ Game
“You know it never has been easy.  Whether you do or you do not reside.  Whether you traveled the breath of extremities or stick to some straighter line.”
      'Heijira’,  Joni Mitchell

We all have a purpose; something to learn, something to perfect, in our lifetime on Earth.  The funny thing about ‘addictions’ is that it is necessary to be addicted to life or we wouldn’t be here.  We are all ‘co-dependent’ on something – ourselves, our religious beliefs, our loves, our likes. 

Beside chemical addictions, it is important to watch out for psychological addictions, like the pain of being abandoned by a parent when we were little.  You’ll end up stuffing yourself with food, alcohol, drugs all in the name to satisfy yourself.  You just end up deteriorating your health and spirit.  You have abandoned yourself.  An addiction always turn inward.

The toughest spiritual lesson to learn is that we cannot allow another person to depend on us so much that we become the addiction for that other person, where they cannot live without us.  This makes us responsible in a pitying way for the person’s health and well being.  A ‘borderline’ does not want to live for their self.  They want you to live for them because it makes it much easier.  You are giving away that person’s perfection.  Borderline is nothing but laziness.  It means, “I want you to make me happy.  If you do not, it is your fault.”  It’s not easy to avoid taking it on since we are sympathetic creatures, we all need someone in our lives.  It is a very spiritual thing to ask yourself what is good for you.  That is not being selfish.  “What am I getting out of it?”  If you keep coming up with big zeros, don’t do it anymore.

Life is a test of our mettle.  The trick is to push it as far and as exciting as one needs it to be, without getting unhealthily addicted or killing yourself.  Some people have a ‘James Dean’ persona:  Live fast, die young.  Others prefer not the ‘rollercoaster’ of life, but simply the ‘merry-go-round’.  It is important to respect others’ life choice, but at the same time it is equally important to be accountable for our choices.

Health Suggestion
Note: the following information does not qualify as accepted medical opinion.  The Golden Seat recommends seeing a medical professional for any illness you may have, because God also made doctors.

Cocaine Addiction
Ginseng, 3-4 tablets per day.  Three Sudafeds per day with complex Amino Acids for six weeks.
Ginseng is one of the greatest known energy boosts.  It is called the Man root (get it in pure form, not processed form).  It is a natural rejuvenator of energy, especially if some is trying to get over any kind of addiction.  If you have the root or stick-type of Ginseng, like the Man-Root, grind it.  Pulverize it and you can take it in powder form.

Valium Addiction
Take Valarian Root drops (natural form).  Lomotil, Valium, and Beladonna are derivatives of Valarian Root.