Modern Metaphysical Spirituality

Spiritualism as defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary:
Etymology: Latin spirtualis spiritual + Latin -ismus -ism
 1. a doctrine that all that exists is spirit; especially: metaphysical idealism.  As opposed to materialism:  the doctrine according to which physical matter is the only reality and the reality through which all being and processes and phenomena can be explained.  As opposed to mentalism:  the doctrine that mind is the fundamental reality where mental processes are distinctively separate from the accompanying brain activity.
 2. a belief that departed spirits hold intercourse with mortals usually through a medium by means of rapping and other physical phenomena or during exceptional mental states (as trances).

Spiritualism is a way of life.  It combines philosophy, science and religion.  It covers a very wide field, and therefore one cannot expect to understand it without a certain amount of study (one of the reasons for this web site).  Spiritualists mainly agree on seven principles:

 1. The Fatherhood & Motherhood of God.
 2. The brotherhood of man.
 3. The communion of spirits and the ministry of angels.
 4. The continuous existence of the human soul.
 5. Personal responsibility.
 6. Compensation and retribution hereafter for all good and evil deeds done on earth.
 7. Eternal progress open to every human soul.

Evolution of the Soul
Traditional Religions emphasize the sharp transition from a non-enlightened or non-saved state to enlightenment or salvation.  Modern Metaphysical Spirituality (MMS) emphasizes gradual growth; expansion of consciousness, learning across time (our charted ‘Themes’), growth across many different lifetimes.  MMS has a positive view of reincarnation: a series of opportunities for expanded spirited growth.  Hinduism/Buddhism typically has a negative view of reincarnation:  a cycle of suffering out of which one should strive to liberate oneself.

Greed, grief, guilt, past life, cell memory stunts spiritual growth.  That's the big hurtle to get over.  Phobias come from cell memory.  When you shine the light on the problem, it goes away.  Knowledge is a curative of everything.  Knowledge sets you free.  Ignorance keeps you in the dark.

Christian Gnostic theology: past lives as a central theme. To understand the true meaning of life is to understand the laws of karma/reincarnation (ie, multiple themes).  Important not to force your beliefs on anyone else.  Gnostics ("Seeker of Truth"), not Agnostics ("Ignoring Truth"), know that you could believe in religion theologically, by reason. There are no mysteries.  It will hit a truth inside of you and a reality inside of you that you never believed possible.  Believing on faith alone is exhausting.  The essence of Gnosticism has proved very durable:  the view that the inner spirit of humanity must be liberated from a world that is basically deceptive, oppressive, and evil.

Helping and doing without grandeur (or expecting applause) is the simplest form to spirituality.

Love Offering
"Divine Love in me blesses this offering and increases my consciousness of peace and prosperity in my affairs."

Protection (Reiki)
"I invoke the spirit to guide and protect me. My faith assures that only the positive touch my being.
I am safe and at ease in body and spirit."

Suggested Reading: "Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism", Chogyam Trungpa (1973).