“Angels work for God and watch over kids when God has to go do something else.”     Mitchell, age 7

The word "angel" comes from the Greek word "angelos" which means messenger.  Angels are Messengers of God.

Angels were made as companions and protectors to humanity.  They protect the Earth and all the animals. They are good, pure loving entities whose only will is to serve God. Believing in angels bring us love, courage, healing and protection.

Many religions believe we should be kind to strangers because they could be "angels in disguise".

The Bible has many references to Angels:  they are created beings (Psalm 148:2, 5; Col. 1:16), non-human, spirit beings (Heb. 1:14).  They cannot die (Luke 20:36), cannot be numbered (Heb. 12:22), are normally invisible but can manifest themselves to us (Num. 22:22-31), have no gender (Matt. 22:30), and do the will of God (Psalm 103:20).  Angels guide believers (Gen. 24:7, 40), protect them (Psalm 34:7), and comfort them (Acts 27:24).

In her NY Times bestseller ‘The Other Side and Back’, Ms. Sylvia Browne informs on the nature of Angels:

"The Bible makes it clear that Angels have been with us as long as we have been around to witness them and be blessed by their presence.  Angels are beautiful enough and powerful enough to warrant all the passion we invest in them.  As  we become more uncertain and fearful of the world around us in the heightened anxiety of a new millennium, and more aware that our only real security lies in the depth of our own spirituality, more Angels than ever before are gathering to watch over us and protect us. Angels differ from Spirit Guides:"
 1. Angels never incarnate. They are direct reports from God, perfectly and eternally alive on The Other Side except for brief trips to this dimension for  our benefit.
 2. Angles do not review our blueprints or have knowledge of our charts.  We recruit a certain number of Angels to oversee our journey from its beginning.  It is their instinctive mission to help use through our darkest times, and their joy to observe and celebrate our finest hours.
 3. Spirit Guides and all other transcended spirits are either male or female.  On The Other Side, Angels are androgynous, with identical, exquisitely  beautiful features – all appear to glisten and glitter from an inner divine light.
 4. Because they have never been bogged down with a human body, they are ‘lighter’ in their molecular structure and more ‘fluid’ than transcended  sprits in traveling between their dimension and ours. They can effortlessly appear on earth and disappear again in a heartbeat.
 5. Angels are completely nonverbal and instead communicate through infused knowledge – the same direct transmission from the Holy Spirit to the  mind by which God communicates with all of the entities on The Other Side.

The Ten Phyla of Angels  














Fears & phobias













Joyous Singers







Joyous Singers

Remembering dreams













Carriers of Dark Entities






Silver-Pale Blue

Helpers (charts)







Overseers of Good; recorders of deeds






Purplish White

Azna’s Army

Fertility (emotion)






Om’s Army

Justice (intellect)


The word totem, or anima, means a living thing that brings about some luck or message; literally refers to a person’s representative animal.  Many times we take on our totem’s characteristics.   Examples of Totems and their symbolism:
 • Elephant:  strength, honor, stability and patience.
 • Wolf: loyalty, strength. “Lone Wolf” is a misconception, actually a social creature, friendly, gregarious.
 • Lion: strength, authority, command over subconscious thought (nocturnal creature).
 • Falcon: success, victory, rising above a situation, swiftness, perseverance, King of all birds.
 • Raven: needs no champion, independence.
 • Doves: nurturing, motherhood, self-sacrifice, care, purity, peace.


The Archangels
Archangels are facilitators. Their element is rain, which signifies cleansing and healing.  Archangels can be called on to send messages to other angels or to another person.  Don’t be afraid to ask the Archangels to prove their validity; they have no problem with being tested, and they won’t be upset.


Cherubim & Seraphim
Their element is music.  Their totem canary (God’s heavenly choir).  Their stone, quartz, signifies all the different refraction of the tones and vibrations in their music.  Their rose-colored wing tips represents love. Cherubim have a singing ability, while Seraphim have a vibrational and tonal ability.


The Powers
The Powers are healers.  What the Archangels can’t do, the Powers can, as they literally surround the person with their wings.  The Powers’ totem is the falcon (swiftness & perseverance).  Their element is the moon – signifying the female or motherly aspect.  Their stone is emerald – the color of healing.

The Carrions
The Carrions carry away the dark entities when they die.  A Carrion’s only mission is to stand very far back until a Dark Entity is ready to pass over at death.  They were created as a protection for other entities, on Earth & on the Other Side.  They’re the reason dead evil entities don’t roam the earth.  Carrions don’t let the dark entities stay around.  As soon as dark entities take their last breath, Carrions actually jump on them, with the most loving of care, holding them tightly and securely but hurrying as fast as they can to the holding place. Carrions are beautiful.  Their totem is the raven, whose black color relates to the Carrion’s function.  All entities play a part for our perfection.  If there was no negative, we couldn’t be assured that we would turn even more positive.


The Virtues
The Virtues purpose is helping us with our charts.  The element of the Virtues is water, signifying flexibility and change.  Their element is the dove signifying peace, love and the Holy Spirit of communication from both Father and Mother God.  Our charts are much more complicated than we realize – this is why sometimes we need help.  Virtues, are here to help us get over the most out of this life that we can for God.  They have the power to alter our charts without going to the Council for approval.


The Dominions
The Dominions oversee our good deeds and actions and record them on a permanent chart known as the Akashic record (record of each person since the ‘beginning’ of time). Dominions are the ‘intelligentsia’ of the angels.  Their totem is the cougar, which signifies their strength and dignity.  Their element is earth, which represents grounding and the lives they record, and their stone is the bloodstone. Symbolizing the blood of life, it matches their wings, which are white with a tinted maroon color.


The Thrones
The thrones are the fighters among the angel phyla.  They’re Mother God’s (‘Azna’, ‘Sophia’, ‘Harmony’) army, and like Her, they carry a sword.  Thrones are Her babies.  Their anima is the elephant, which relates to their size as well as to the protective aspect of elephants to their young.  Their element is air, which is all-encompassing and found everywhere. Their stone is gold, again relating to purity and royalty; and their wings are purplish white, the color of royalty and power.


The Principalities
The Bible refers to the Principalities as those in charge of nations and great cities.  The anima of Father God’s army is the lion, symbolic as the king of beasts.  The element of the Principalities is fire, which is one of the most powerful cleansing elements.  Their stone is sapphire, which has always been linked with royalty, and their wings are gold – the most precious metal and is associated with kings. Principalities are known to have high intelligence, and they carry golden spears. They’re more like guardians of the world, whereas we’re more likely to be helped individually by most of the other phyla, such as the Archangels with their scepters, the Carrions who take away dark entities, or the Cherubim and Seraphim who fill our souls with music.

One Principality can knock out and protect us from thousands and thousands of dark entities or any force of negativity around us.  Their primary function is to attend Father God and be His army.  Just as soldiers wouldn’t desert their king, the Principalities wouldn’t rush to us and leave God unattended.  It isn’t that God the Father isn’t strong enough to attend to Himself, the Principalities are a divine creation that was centered on God the Father.