Meaning of Life

• To Learn that God exists.
More important than faith is spiritual understanding.  Without a solid reason for life, people will conclude “There cannot a loving God, as witness by the pain and suffering in the world.”  Saying “God is cruel, God is to be feared” is an enslavement of the mind.  If we have fear, then we can’t have love – cannot have two emotions together.  Saying that God cannot exist is based on ignorance of the meaning of life.

Key to knowing God's existence is knowing one's personal link to the "the God without and the God within" - that spark of divinity within us.

 To Learn to be Positive in a Negative World.
The whole reason we leave 'The Other Side' to come here time to time is to learn and to experience and overcome negativity.  Only in adversity do any of us learn.  This is how we test the mettle of our souls. 
 When the soul reaches its desired level of spirituality it goes Home and stay there.  It keeps on learning, but without the negativity of this world. 

 To Learn not put Energy into Negativity.
You should not send negative energy back to its source.  No need to accept it.  You can fight it by simply asking for neutralization.  Neutralize the negativity. 
 Now sometimes we must fight 'fire with fire'.  Negative energy can rise in such a flame that you must flame out against it.  Think of a pure fire, a flame that burns so hot that it burns blue.

There is nothing wrong with wanting material gains; God did not intend us to live in rags and ask for alms.  When our Lord said, “Give it up and follow me”, he did not mean worldly goods.  He meant drop all your negativity and behavioral overlays and then come.

• To Learn to give Service to Others.  
And without any applause.  If you come into life and expect applause, you are going to be terribly misled.  You are going to be misled by your ego.  God knows you give, and that is between you and God.