Sylvia Browne
"The way of all peace is to scale the mountain of Self.  Loving others makes the climb down easier.  We see all things darkly until love lights the lamp of the Soul."
1st Tenet, Novus Spiritus

Sylvia Browne (born Sylvia Celeste Shoemaker October 19, 1936; graduated November 20, 2013) is an American author and a self-professed psychic and spiritual medium.  She has over seven million hardcover and paperbacks in print.

Browne was born in Springfield, Missouri to Bill Shoemaker and Celeste Coil.  She is the elder of their two daughters. Her father was Jewish and had many jobs including mail delivery and jewelry salesman, and was vice president of a major freight line. Her mother was Episcopalian, and her maternal grandmother Ada Coil was a devout Lutheran.  In 2001, Ms. Browne has claimed that she is Jewish.

As young as five years old Ms. Browne started to have visions, even visions, to her astonishment, of past relatives.  Her spiritual counselor was her beloved grandmother Ada Coil, also a psychic medium, who helped young Sylvia to understand her special gift.

In 1974 Ms. Browne founded Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research.  In 1986 she founded the Society of Novus Spiritus.

She has made several appearances on Larry King Live, was a weekly guest on The Montel Williams Show, and hosts her own hour-long show on Hay House Radio, discussing paranormal issues and giving callers advice in her role as a psychic.

In April 2008, Sylvia Browne launched a new website billed as "an online spirituality destination that includes articles, blog postings, and videos from Sylvia." (

Browne is the author of dozens of books on paranormal and spiritual topics, including The Other Side and Back, Book of Angels, If You Could See What I See, Adventures of a Psychic, Astrology Through a Psychic's Eyes, All Pets Go To Heaven: The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love and Journey of the Soul

In Browne's books, she discusses ways that she believes people may better their lives and be more loving towards people and other living beings. She discusses a wish for people to feel that they are loved by God.

Browne reports that the entity of God comprises a male and female part, named Om and Azna respectively. She states that the entity of God loves all people and living beings equally, no matter what one's specific religious or spiritual beliefs are. According to her, this includes atheists, people who do not believe in a God or Gods. Browne writes that people's actions and intentions are what define a person and soul, and that people of all religions, spiritual beliefs, and non-beliefs may go to Heaven or the Other Side, as she refers to Heaven.

Browne writes that she presents her beliefs in a way that allows readers or listeners to take what they want from her teachings and leave behind what they do not agree to be true.