Patrons of Science

On ‘Harmony’s (center angel) right side are the patrons of SCIENCE.  Representing ‘Science’ are two patrons: elderly man and a young man. 


The elderly man represents ‘RESEARCH’ – the masculine side of Science. He is meditating – listening to the God within. Listening to the creative force within; the ‘spark of the divine’ within. The color of his robe is yellow - the color of the mind and the intellect.

The young man represents ‘INTUITION’ – the feminine side of Science. He is pointing down signifying the descending drive: Spirit to Matter. The One to Many. Immanence. The path of compassion.

In the rear are three feminine angles – the ‘Angelic Daughters of Science’: ‘DEVOTION’, LABOR and ‘TRUTH’. Their heads, like ‘Research’ and ‘Intuition’, are pointing down symbolizing the descendent drive: Spirit to Matter.