Patrons of Religion

On ‘Harmony’s (center angel) left side are the patrons of RELIGION.  Representing ‘Religion’ are two human figures: young man and elderly man. 


The elderly man represents ‘REVERENCE’ – the masculine side of RELIGION.  He is praying – talking to the God without.  Not ritualistic prayer.  Realistic prayer – to pray for things that are possible, not the impossible (if you are 5’2”, you cannot pray to be 5’9”).  Another form of prayer, amazing as it sounds, is in writing a ‘Letter to the Universe’

The young man represents ‘INSPIRATION’ – the feminine side of RELIGION. He is pointing up signifying the ascending drive:  Matter to Spirit.  Many to One.  Transcendent.  The path of wisdom. The color of his robe is blue - the color of spirituality.

In the rear of ‘Religion’ are three feminine angles – the ‘Angelic Daughters of Religion’: PURITY', ‘FAITH’ and 'HOPE’.  Their heads are raised up symbolizing the ascending drive:  Matter to Spirit. 

 To be more spiritual it is not how you pray or how much you mediate – it is knowledge that makes one more spiritual.  A commitment or decision to seek divine knowledge.