Christ Consciousness

There are several interpretations or definitions of ‘Christ Consciousness’.  In theory Christ Consciousness should be similar to Buddha Consciousness or Mohammad Consciousness or other ‘Prophet’ or ‘Direct-messenger-from-God’ Consciousness.

Classical Idealism
Monistic idealism holds that consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all being. It is monist because it holds that there is only one type of thing in the universe and idealist because it holds that one thing to be consciousness.  Many religious philosophies are specifically idealist.

Science of Mind:
 1) ‘Recognition’: There is one Spirit. Spirit is all there is. God is. All beings are expressions of Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Love, also known as Spirit, God, One Mind. The mystic concept of the Cosmic Christ is not that of a person, but of a Principle, a Universal Presence (SMT).
 2) ‘Unification’.  Spirit and I are one. I live, move, and have my being in God. (I am). “God as man, in man, is man”.

Integral Theory:  ‘Deity mysticism’.  Union of God & Self.  ‘Subtle Mind’ of the Trans-Personal level of awareness.

New Thought: ‘Higher Consciousness’.

Novus Spiritus: ‘Upper Mind’; Universal Mind. Applies spiritual knowledge to conduct his or her life with qualities of the 7 Golden Keys:  Fortitude, Loyalty, Gratitude, Honor, Truth, Love, Pride.  Without such qualities higher consciousness is not possible.

Levels of the Soul.  No such thing as a “higher self”.  You are in full essence here.  Why?  You could not learn unless you were in full consciousness.  So you are responsible.  Three key levels of the Soul:
 1) “Upper Mind” (Mother-Aesthetics)
 “Etheric Mind” or Christ Consciousness, Universal Mind.  The Etheric mind is the memory source, the Akashic Record source – knowledge of all lifetimes (infinite).  It has the  direct connection to God; the Psychic Mind, Telepathic Mind, the Kinetic Energy Mind.  The one that when you pray and you ask for miracles and you want them, address the  Etheric Mind.
 2) “Middle Mind” (Father-‘Iam’)
 The Middle Mind is the processing mind or Work Mind.  The Middle Mind has creative force, but it does not have the creative force unless the channel is open to the Etheric  Mind.  The Middle Mind is the “The You Mind”; the sum-total of your personality; your uniqueness (with all the quirks & smirks).  It is the essence of you as yourself in life and  on the Other Side.
 3) “Lower Mind” (Son-Flesh).
 The instinctual mind; the “Cave Man Mind”.  Not a processing mind, but a preservation mind.  It says: “I deserve; I want; give me.”  Like a child that wants and grabs and needs  and cries and is petulant.  If unchecked, the Lower Mind can be the vehicle-destroying part of the mind by ‘leaking’ up into the Middle Mind and invades the you, the “I  Am!” (eg, “I want liquor, it tastes good”;  “Eat chocolate all the time; it tastes good”; “I want to serve myself in any way I can to reward myself”).  Cap off the lower mind by  saying “I want my lower, base self, my instinctual, animal side to myself, my survival side of myself, to stay in its rightful place”.

On the Other Side you only have Upper & Middle Self – no Lower Self.  The Lower Self is the detriment of most of mankind.  No control.  The widespread phenomena going on in the world is called “Lower-self is in rule!”  Lower self says, “Bare arms—go out and shoot people—have gangs.”

Thomas the Apostle taught the true meaning of 'Christ Consciousness'.  Specifically omitted from the bible: Thomas discussed ideas of reincarnation; that you can speak directly to God, Jesus, the Spirit.  One wife of a King was disturbed by the idea that she might reincarnate to a peasant.  The idea of having only 'one life' was adopted.

Key message: “The kingdom of God is inside you” (Luke 17:21).  That intelligence, emotion and acts of good toward others are within you.  To know that an innate Beauty, Truth & ‘Goodness are within you.