Scientific Laws

Laws of Motion
• Kepler’s three laws of planetary motion
• Newton’s three laws of motion
• Euler’s laws of rigid body motion

Laws of Energy
• Laws of thermodynamics

Laws of Heat Transfer
• Fourier’s Law of Heat Conduction
• Newton’s Law of Cooling
• Thermal Radiation Laws
• Planck’s law
• Wien’s displacement law
• Kirchoff’s law of thermal radiation

Gas Laws
• Boyle’s law
• Charles’s law
• Gay-Lussac’s law
• Combined gas law
• Avogadro’s law
• Ideal gas law
• Graham’s law of Effusion
• Fick’s law of diffusion
• Dalton’s law of Partial Pressures
• Henry’s law of Dissolved gas
• Joule’s laws

Laws of Electromagnetism & Gravitation
• Gauss’s law (Coulomb’s law) of Electrostatics
• Gauss’s law for magnetism
• Ampere’s circuital law
• Faraday’s law of induction
• Lorentz force law
• Joule’s law
• Ohm’s law
• Kirchhoff’s circuit laws
• Biot-Savart law of Electromagnetism
• Lenz’s law
• Newton’s law of universal gravitation

Conservation Laws
• Conservation of mass law
• Conservation of energy law
• Conservation of momentum law
• Conservation of angular momentum law
• Charge conservation law