Love Up

"Love is the inspiration of poets and philosophers. Love is the voice of music. I'm talking about divine love...not carnal love."
  ―  Elmer Gantry, Sinclair Lewis

Divine Love’s 50-yard Line

At Divine Love’s 50-yard line a goal post that says ”for there to be design in the universe, it is not necessary invoke God or intelligence”.  The other goal post says God (Spirit, Mind) is infinite love and infinite intelligence.”

The Golden Seat  puts forward that the nature of reality is spiritual, not material or matter + spirit, and that spiritual reality, without exception, is driven by Divine Love -- that the underlying vibration of creation is love.  That evolution is the passing of Divine Spirit into form. 

Throughout the ‘angelic’ discussions of Religion, Science, Music and Art (Goodness, Truth, Beauty), The Golden Seat has been careful about being woo-woo without appearing to be woo-woo.  Love and especially Divine Love are extremely woo-woo subjects; not only are they ethereal, they’re metaphysical.  To assume that ‘God is infinite love’, we must recognize that the infinite is beyond all comprehension.  To grasp Divine Love (luminous epinoia)  is akin to ‘tacit knowing’, or in the words of Michael Polanyi, "we can know more than we can tell".

Sounds a bit mysterious and the logic of explaining Divine Love can get circular  Not to be cheeky, but the mystery of Life is circular.  Never began, never ends.  Divine Love is a very personal thing to comprehend; beyond words, even feelings, to describe. 

The beautiful images of The Golden Seat and its circular nature is intended to give one peace of mind and inspiration to comprehend this thing called ‘divine love’.  Divine Love, like the Universe, is far beyond most finite minds’ wildest dreams or concepts.

Unconditional Love

Another view of Divine Love or ‘Love Up’ is unconditional love. One interpretation of unconditional love is to simply say “ ’I love you’ because you exist in the world.  That is all I want for you and I take joy in the fact you exist.”  Spiritual thing since the source of unconditional love is Spirit. Ok to give directions where appropriate (“shut the door”).  The point is not to say “you must do”.  Tricky, because it is human to want others to act the way we want them to act.

There is a humorous and insightful take on unconditional love in the movie ‘Yes Man’.  Hoping to turn his life around, Carl, a bank employee (Jim Carrey), meets an inspirational guru who browbeats him into making a covenant with himself and to find spiritual meaning in life. Carl promises to stop being a "No Man" and vows to answer "Yes!" to every future opportunity.  Carl seizes every opportunity that comes his way:  he renews friendships, improves his relation with his boss, takes flying lessons, takes Korean classes, learns to play the guitar and does charitable work.  He earns a corporate promotion at work after his numerous approved loans opens new territories.  ‘Haphazardly’ Carl meets a woman, Allison (Zooey Deschanel), who is charmed by his ‘yes’ spontaneity. They fall in love and she wants to move in with him.  Soon though, she discovers his motivational covenant, and questions his sincerity about his love for her. Allison leaves Carl because she sees he’s obliged to respond in the affirmative, to “yes” everyone whether his heart is in it or not.  Carl’s life tails spins into disappointment after disappointment.  Close to despair, Carl decides to end his ‘yes’ covenant and to confront the guru.  Much to Carl’s surprise, the guru tells Carl there never was a ‘covenant’.  The point, the guru explains, was to merely open Carl’s mind to other possibilities, not to permanently take away his free will. The happy ending: freed from this ‘yes’ covenant, Carl woos Allison back but admits that he does not want to move in with her just yet, but that he genuinely loves and wants her.

Carl learns a higher meaning behind the phrase "I love you":  to experience Love within himself when he is with Allison.  To know that Love is an inside activity - between God and one's Soul (not to make the other person responsible for one's experience).

Higher Ground
“I’m going to keep on trying until I reach the Higher Ground.”  ― Stevie Wonder

The Angel ‘Inspiration’ introduced Diotima, the Muse who taught Socrates about love. As discussed in Plato’s Symposium love is linked with a quest for immortality.  Her ideas are the foundation of Platonic love.  In his speech Socrates asserts that the highest purpose of love is to become a lover of wisdom, and like him, a philosopoher. Love is a means of ascent to contemplate the Divine.  To love others is to love Divinity.  With genuine Platonic love, the person we love inspires the mind and the soul to seek the spiritual.

Genuine love is not totally unconditional and not totally blind; but it has elements that enable it to pursue love regardless of many unfavorable external circumstances.

For those who like a stronger cup of ‘woo-woo’, Julie Redstone gives this interpretation of unconditional love,

“To speak of the Christ-self within is not to identify such love with any particular religion, for it does not belong to any religion.  It belongs to the universe of souls and to the Heart from which all human hearts derive.  This greater Heart has included in the lesser, the capacity to reach toward the limitless in the way of love, compassion, mercy, and gratitude, and has provided an inner path to do so which is carved out by the many ways in which one can pray for, meditate on, and receive an experience of Divine love.  In this way, the human heart becomes connected with the Heart of God, the Heart of Hearts, and can then love others with what it has experienced within itself.”

Reality & Mysticism
In 'Quantum Questions', integral theorist and philosopher
 Ken Wilber reflects on reality,

“A compromise of illusion and reality may be all very well in our attitude towards physical surroundings, but to admit such a compromise into religion would seem to be a trifling with sacred things.  Reality seems to concern religious beliefs much more than any others.  No one bothers as to whether there is a reality behind humor…The challenge now comes not from the scientific materialism which professes to seek a natural explanation of spiritual power, but from the deadlier moral materialism which despises it.  Religion seems to be the one field of inquiry in which the question of reality and existence is treated as of serious and vital importance…We cannot pretend to offer proofs.  Religious conviction is often described in somewhat analogous terms as a surrender; it is to be enforced by argument on those who do not feel its claim in their own nature…Science cannot tell whether the world-spirit is good or evil, and its halting argument for the existence of a God might equally well be turned into an argument for the existence of a Devil.”

Non-believers and fact-based scientists alike typically view religious interpretation as nothing more than “muddle-headed romancing". Mr. Wilber reminds us of the power of inner conviction:

“The starting point of belief in mystical religion is a conviction of significance or the sanction of a striving in the consciousness…Presupposing a mystical religion based not on science but (rightly or wrongly) on a self-known experience accepted as fundamental…The materialist who is convinced that all phenomena arise from electrons and quanta and the like controlled by mathematical formulae, must presumably hold the belief that his wife is a rather elaborate differential equation, but he is probably tactful enough not to obtrude this opinion in domestic life…in this respect, science is surely out of place in the most personal relationship of all – that of the human soul to a divine spirit.”

So what is the ultimate truth about ourselves and Divine Love?  A bit of stellar matter gone wrong?  That’s taking a ‘rusty beer can’ philosophical approach to the matter.  Some say it has to do with conscience rather than with consciousness

The meaning of life is service.  And without any applause.  If you come into life and expect applause, you are going to be terribly disappointed.  You are going to be misled by your ego.  God knows you give, and that is between you and God.


Advance Reading: The Christ Blueprint: 13 Keys to Christ Consciousness, Padma Aon Prakasha, North Atlantic Books, 2010